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TODAY, as a Leader in the Direct Sales Business Industry, Ben inspires and mentors people to success with his “Proven Formula For Success”. He is a student of the Law of Attraction and provides resources for those seeking personal growth in their own Business. Ben is a decorated Vietnam Vet and comes from a very successful background in Financial Planning and Direct Sales and is the winner of the “Cyberwize National Rocket Award” for the fastest expansion of a direct sales business. Ben lives in Dallas TX with his lovely wife Gina and has 4 wonderful children.  Ben's strength is in his wisdom and ability to teach and mentor others. Today, in addition to his Direct Sales Business, Ben works full time in mentoring and helping other people to take their own businesses to much higher levels. Ben believes that life is always a choice, and that each of us has the power to choose, create and attract any lifestyle....and the people in it.

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